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I am 36, married for 12 years to Sarah & have 2 wonderful kids. Luke (11) & Amelia (5) I live in North Yorkshire, roughly half way between the Yorkshire Dales and the North York moors. I adore photography, weddings and portraits are my speciality but I also love fine art, landscape and architectural work. Away from photography I have 2 other jobs, I am an active memeber of my local (PTA) Parent teachers Association for my childrens school.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Newsletter - 1st week!


This is the first of a weekly tips & tricks newsletter; initially focusing on basic photography techniques and advice.  In addition there will be some specialist wedding & portrait advice, business tips and some surprises!
Where to start?! 
There are countless books, magazines and adverts telling you the best camera, lens, flash…etc.
For example if you just want some family, friend and holiday snaps to either print, use for social media or EBay.  You don’t need a high end digital camera.  Expect to pay less than £200…see if your phone can be used!
If you want to develop your hobby further, I recommend investing in a high end Digital Camera paying about £400 these can exceed 12 million pixels and produce good quality large prints.
D-SLR (Digital – Single Lens reflex) these are for both serious enthusiasts and professionals.  They start from about £600 and can go into £000’s.    They offer a great deal of flexibility with regards to lenses and flashes.   They also include faster operating times (frames per second) and can be over 25 million pixels.

REMEMBER – Amazing images can be taken on any camera.  Iconic photos of the 20th century were not taken on modern cameras!

Jargon explained!
Pixel – The smallest element of a picture that can be processed.  More pixels=More detail.
Memory cards – Required for all digital cameras.  They store your photos until you upload or delete them.  Bigger cards=More storage.  Factor this into your budget.

A business plan is absolutely essential.  It also has to be reviewed and changed regularly to ensure it is still relevant!
Fun time – Anagram solver (these words are on this page)
Gala Triad Mice
Harp Pother Go
Spaniels Buns

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Return of the blog

Hi everyone,

As you can see i have a new logo designed by Claroset Graphics - Highly recommended!
It has been really busy behind the scenes here...a new car, computer, phone, sat nav, meeting clients, work, even my sons got his own laptop now!
I'm going to be adding weekly tips and tricks each Sunday - starting next weekend, if there is anything you want to ask, please feel free to post it here/facebook/twitter or even at www.mark-johnston-photography.co.uk

I have uploaded some new photos on my website & redesigned it.  Heres a sneek peek...go to the website to see more!
Let me know what you think!

Don't forget to have a look at HoneyBee Cards

Have a great week everyone - My inspirational quote is "Just do it!"