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I am 36, married for 12 years to Sarah & have 2 wonderful kids. Luke (11) & Amelia (5) I live in North Yorkshire, roughly half way between the Yorkshire Dales and the North York moors. I adore photography, weddings and portraits are my speciality but I also love fine art, landscape and architectural work. Away from photography I have 2 other jobs, I am an active memeber of my local (PTA) Parent teachers Association for my childrens school.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Looking back and foward!

Well, here we are with another week in front of us and another week just about finished...busy, busy, busy!
On a personal note, my children have made me really proud this week.  Both of them got really good school reports and Luke starred in his school play-it was a version of Mamma Mia called My Greek Wedding, i can't believe he can actually sing & dance, he's much better than his dad!  He's also leaving to go up to the Allertonshire Secondary school in September...God, i feel old! 
He's also going to Aerial Extreme on Monday then a disco on Thursday, Amelia's going to the same disco...they've a better social life than their parents LOL! 
Professionally speaking this is a busy week for me, i've got a wedding at Crathorne Hall on Friday with an amazing couple (Kirsty & John), which i can't wait for, it's a superb location with a multitude of photo opportunities!
A meet up with another client next Sunday to discuss their photos, portfolio to update, some nature/flower photos to be taken this week and perhaps a new website will be designed soon.
It's for these reasons that i won't be doing another tips & tricks update until i have finalised the website.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.



Monday, 4 July 2011



Hi everyone,

I'm sorry, i haven't been in touch for a couple of weeks but this is a busy time for me both personally & professionally!

I can't believe I started the business a year ago today. This has been a very steep learning curve, with some ups & downs on the way. I wouldn't change anything, although, I have made some mistakes...I will learn from them and will NOT BE MAKING them again!

I'll deal with the personal stuff first...12th wedding anniversary was on the 3rd of July so I spent the weekend with my wife (Sarah ((luv ya))- owner of Honeybee cards- handmade bespoke cards for all occasions - commissions welcomed!) pink champagne and smoked salmon topped the list. Thanks to my dad for the pink bubbly...Yummy! :)

The professional stuff now...I've been busy with weddings, photo editing etc. 
I've met a new contact Julie Kelly a wedding planner at White Rose Weddings.  I would highly recommend her!
Another quick meeting with Sue Simpson...It's never long enough! (Sues many talents cover the following Inspired by Script facebook page - North Yorkshire Weddings facebook page - Makers and Shakers to name but a few)  I would like to take this opportunity firstly, to recommend Sue to anyone and secondly, a massive thanks to Sue, her words of encouragement, motivation and simple, straight to the point advice has really helped me!
I'm booked on a 4 day trip to London in January for a camera convention...loads of training, advice, support to look forward to and perhaps treat myself to some new equipment!
I would just like to thanks the following people for their support and advice.  Darren and Lisa Atkinson, Kirsty & Andy Pollard, Heather & Al Lee, Gary & Tracy Short, Sarah, my dad Benny etc... if i go on any further it'll be like an Oscar winner!

As it's the first birthday of the business, I'm going to say goodbye to you all...I'll speak to you next weekend :)

My quote of the day is - People who succeed are not scared to fail (Lord Sugar)
My thought of the day is - What did we used to do when we only had 3 TV channels?...please leave any comments below