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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Camera tips & tricks...part 2

As discussed last week, my 2nd part of the series is upon us.  This deals with the really enjoyable part...taking the photo!

Everyone, can point & shoot, but to improve your photo's...Experiment!  The worst that can happen is you have to delete photo's that go wrong.

This is self explanatory but still experiment with both styles.

This will not apply to all situations however, it is common practice by professionals.
Imagine your LCD screen is split into a grid of 9 equal squares, 2 vertical lines & 2 horizontal lines (You can buy thin plastic covers for certain types of screens very cheaply or some cameras may provide this within the specifications)
If you position specific elements within a photo, where the lines intersect (Called "The Golden Means) the image can have more impact.  E.g. for landscape photos try the horizon in the top or bottom third.   When adding people try to place them at the intersect which will allow the background to be viewed in a landscape style photo.  
This is when the main subject of the photo is smack in the centre of the frame.  There should be a specific reason for doing this.  The image may be less pleasing to the eye.  Although, do not discount this composition, it can be effective when taking photos for selling on sites like EBAY and some symmetrical shots.
My main piece of advice is Experiment, all rules can be broken or bent or mixed to ensure that you'll learn quickly and achieve the required results! 


This relates to all business's not just photography...Market Research, Market research, Market Research!
Do your market research or even pay a company to do this for you!  Asking friends and family is not enough...There is a lot of information available via the internet such as, how many people live in a designated area, male or female etc...this will allow you to build a picture of your expected customers.
E.g. It would not be a good idea to set up a designer clothes shop in a town with an aging population and not much disposable income.

Well, thats it from me this week...part 3 to come next week!

Thanks for reading!!!

Quote of the week is..."Successful people always fail but are never scared to try again" - Anon

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