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Sunday, 12 June 2011

part 3 of tips & tricks at a Photographers life.

Well, the time has come around again for another installment in my tips & tricks newsletter.

Last week, it was about composition, this week i'm Focusing on Focus!
Nearly all digital camera's now have auto focus shown as a small square or cursor in the colour screen.  Many have multiple focus points, which ensure off centre subject also stay sharp.  But, how many times have you taken a picture of family & friends with a gap inbetween and the camera has focused on the wall behind?
If that has happened to you, read on to find out how to prevent such issues...
  1. Don't rush the shutter button - all digital cameras have a dual pressure shutter button.  Press this half way down, then wait, your camera will focus & confirm either by sound or a green LED will show in the display.  Once happy, then fully depress the button, which should result in a well focused shot.  Trying to do it quickly, in 1 big press will not allow time for the camera to set itself, risking a blurred image.
  2. If taking portraits, try to focus on the persons eyes.  Again, half press the shutter button and keep it half pressed, this allows you to recompose the shot, while still focusing on the eyes.  Complete the press to take the shot.
  3. Small groups - Try to recompose the shot, (while half pressing the shutter button) to reduce any gaps between people or focus, on one persons face, then recompose the shot.  This way you should ensure that the subjects are in focus and not the background.
  4. For Macro (Close up shots) and landscapes - a tripod or flat surface is Essential. 
Your local business link (different for each area of the country) are invaluable, in both their knowledge, resources and free training courses to ensure that you know as much as possible relating to your chosen area of business...Use them!  

Quote of the week is...Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero! (Seize the day, put no trust in tomorrow)

Get ready for next...same time(ish), same blog! 

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